Cypher Avenue is the premier urban website for the influential and innovative modern man. The site is a direct response to the lack of a single website on the Internet catering to gay/bisexual men of color that love hip hop, pop culture, video games, sci-fi and mature, open minded conversations.  With our entertaining and opinionated editorials and media/product reviews, we’ve built a reputation as an honest, authoritative and trusted voice. What sets Cypher Ave a part is that it encompasses a unique masculine vibe that adds to a rich and diverse community.

A unique feature that separates Cypher Avenue from similar sites is our internal social networking system that allows readers to have interactive experiences. This encourages readers to spend more time, view more pages and return more often throughout any given day.
Other features include:

• Vivid, responsive design and user interface (including a mobile version of the site) competitive with many major websites.
• Over 500 articles, reviews, interviews and essays.
• Dedicated video network housing hundreds of the web’s best online urban content.

We merge your dynamic advertising seamlessly around our unique creative content to increase audience engagement and click-through-rates (CTR).

Unlike any other sites on the Internet, we capture an enthusiastic audience of men who are eager to learn about the latest in music, fashion, technology, films, politics and more. The Cypher Ave community is primarily composed of gay/bisexual urban men aged 25-49. What is beneficial about this segment of men is that many of them have more buying power and disposable incomes.

The Cypher Avenue community represents that segment previously unspoken for.  We represent the geeks, the counter-culture, the gamers, the hipsters and the selective consumers.  We welcome you to be a part of our growing community.  With our diverse community, you can trust your brand will reach an untapped demographic!
Our Motto Is…
We are more than labels. We are a community.  We are worldwide. We are Cypher Avenue.

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