Are you an upcoming writer that loves Cypher Avenue for its unique Point of View on issues relating to Gay/Bi men? Are you a new writer that’s tired of all other Gay websites only primarily featuring celebrity Gossip stories and/or Porn? Are you an established writer yearning for a place to share your work in a space where it will be read and discussed by a mature audience comprised of many different ages and ethnicities?

Finally here’s your chance! We’re accepting volunteer writing submissions for Cypher Avenue! We’re seeking Op-Eds, Product Reviews, Advice Essays, Interviews and Articles on just about anything interesting to everyday Gay/Bisexual men of color. This is open to anyone anywhere in the world, not just stateside.


1.    Opinion Essays
2.    Informative Articles and Exposés
3.    Advice Columns
4.    Official Press Releases
5.    Completed Interviews and/or Interview Requests (written, audio and video)
6.    Sports Articles and Essays
7.    Fashion Advice, Discoveries and Reviews
8.    Health and Fitness Articles
9.    Political Essays
10.  Travel Destination Reviews and Suggestions
11.  Product Reviews (relating to or by men)
12.  Short Stories (relating to or by men)
13.  Music Discoveries and Reviews (relating to or by men)
14.  Film/Television/Web Series Discoveries and Reviews



1. Unfortunately, not everyone that submits will make the cut. This is may not be a reflection on your writing abilities. We’ve worked very hard to establish our “brand” so all submissions will need to have a certain fit on our site.  We still want to add unique voices to our already distinctive perspective. Often we are looking for new voices to fill a particular topic/niche area or writing style. The main thing to remember is that we like to post articles putting a new spin on a topic that many other sites fail to cover or address.

2. You can submit story pitches before you submit full articles. If you’re unsure if your article idea will fit our site and want to make sure before you write your essay, feel free to send us the general idea for the story for approval. Mainly you just have to keep in mind that we’re not a Gossip / Reality Show / Celebrity site nor are we a news site that posts up-to-the-minute information.  Yes; some current events inspire very interesting opinion essays (i.e. Gay Marriage, Politics, etc.)

3. Guest Submitters will graduate to Full Contributors over time. Your bio and contact information (i.e. Personal Blog address, Twitter handle, Facebook links, etc.) will be listed on your profile. Full Contributors may also be featured on upcoming podcasts.



1. Please submit your idea or work through email to with the subject “ARTICLE SUBMISSION – Your full name or pseudonym”.
2. Please include a link to your blog, website or social media profiles (if any are available).
3. Include 1-3 photos of your work (if available). You don’t have to be able to design the posts — we will handle that for all guest bloggers and contributors.
4. Please name the post or column if you have an idea for one. If not, we will handle that as well.
5. If selected, we will notify you by email of our decision and advise you when your submission is published.
6. All contributors are Volunteer (for the time being).


Thank you for your interest and willingness to contribute to Cypher Avenue.  We value your time and creativity.

Octavius Williams and Nicholas Delmacy