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We require all readers that want to comment on articles, videos and podcasts to create a user profile on this site. Not only does this reduce spam, it helps to build on the network of like-minded people all over the world.

Feel free to tell us about yourself in the Biography field and include as many social media links that you desire.

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Deletion of accounts: You may decide to leave this website. However, your account will not automatically be deleted. It will be deactivated by the forum management. Please note that your posts and threads will not be deleted, even if your account is deactivated. However all personal information in your public profile will no longer be accessible for public view and your posts will not be linked to any personal information you provided other than the username you chose upon registration.



1.) Comments that verbally attack an article’s contributor or other users in the comments section will automatically be deleted. Articulate criticisms of the opinions expressed are one thing, but outright bashing and attacks are another. Excessive deleted comments will result in the commentor being blocked from the comments section.

2.) Comments that are spam or advertisements for products/services that feature links to other sites will be deleted unless the links directly add to the discussion. However, press releases are not allowed in the comments section. They must be submitted to Cypher Avenue moderators will determine violations and the relevance of the links on a case-by-case basis.

3.) Offensive and/or inappropriate images will be removed by administrators and may lead to the offending member being banned from the comments section. Pornography is not allowed on Cypher Avenue. Images posted as advertising without prior consent will be removed as well.

4.) The Editors and Moderators reserve the right settle disputes and disagreements as they see fit. Any indication of escalated tension, even slight, may result in one or both parties being temporarily or permanently banned.


These guidelines may be modified at any time. Our goal is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere in conjunction with exchanging intellectual thoughts and opinions.