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Ken – Episode 1

KEN is a three-part dramedy about a young professional black man coming to terms with his sexuality and Christianity. The series brings front-and center the issues of sex, salvation and secrets for a millennial African-American man living in Brooklyn, who has feelings for two very different people.

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  1. keith

    I just finished this one and….I kinda like it. Yes, the acting needs some work but I’m curious to see how the church-focused plot develops. I wish I could say the theme is passe’ but like others, I have dated my share of folks who had issue with the fact that they LIKED “the comfort of a man”. I’m intrigued also at the comments on bisexuality. For the record I believe there are “true” bisexuals but the term is still waaaaaaay overused by people who aren’t comfortable with a homosexual identity of any sort (gay, SGL, DL, etc) which I think is bullshit.

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