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BGC: Black Gay Coons

by Ockydub - 22 March 2016

When I came across this meme of the “Gay Coon” on social media I was a bit taken aback because I hadn’t heard the term used in this capacity before concerning effeminate Black gay men. The meme shows a picture of 1830’s Jim Crow black faced caricature next to a waifish Black fem appearing man. […]


No Pets Allowed: Day 1


That morning I heard faint sounds coming from underneath a compartment in my boat. I automatically knew what was making the sounds; kittens. I opened the hatch and saw two dirty gray kittens. One was very loud and active while the other was curled up in a little fetal ball. Even though I was a […]


AXE Marketing Adjusts To Shifts in Redefining Masculinity

AXE banner

  Axe personal care products began stepping up and outside of the box, by marketing to a more diverse consumer base. The usual sex driven “use Axe and females will want to fuck you” ads are being replaced. The newer commercials are telling men to be comfortable with themselves in their skin with the tag […]


Throw Back Thursday: The Women of Prince

Women Of Prince

We all have our favorite Prince songs or performances but what about the many songs performed by his female protégées or other talented female singers? These songs usually exuded sexual innuendos and as soon as you heard them, they were undeniably Prince. Here are a couple of my all-time favorite Prince songs written for female […]

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