CA Podcast #24 – Fly Young Red, Bry’Nt, Siya, Metrell Hurst, Lasto, Light Skin vs Dark Skin

by Cypher Avenue - 16 October 2014

In this podcast, Cypher Avenue co-founder Nick Delmacy heads out to meet fellow site editor Ocky Williams at an Atlanta nightclub. While searching for Ocky, he listens to the latest R&B and Hip Hop songs from LGBT artists, reveals who he’s attracted to and ponders on what’s the big deal about Light Skin vs Dark Skin debate.


A Conversation On Christianity


Behind closed doors Cypher Avenue has always struggled with attempting to approach the topic of religion. We understand readers and followers are a diverse group and we have always tried to be respectful of others faith and beliefs. Personally, I rarely talk about my beliefs via social media for good reason. If you have observed […]


CARS: Aston Martin Vanquish Volante’

Red Amber

   Aston Martin, builder of such fine English coupes as the Aston Martin DB9, DB7, DBS, the Vantage, and the Rapide, have been hard at work developing and testing new products. Never a slouch in the design department, they have decided to really push the envelope and give their Aston Martin Vanquish, (their flagship model) […]