19 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Introverted

by Ocky Williams - 3 September 2014

I recently came across this list from Christain M. Lyons courtesy of introversioneffect.com. Of course I’m posting it here because as an introverted SGL man, I’m sure if some of this resonates with me, it probably will resonate with others. Lyons’ list is actually a list he found on thoughtcatalog.com and in turn added his […]


The Semen Facial Ritual


I’m putting this video out there to spark reflection, male self-awareness and discussion. In no way am I attempting to condone or promote the traditions of this tribal culture or pass any judgments, I’m just putting it out there. I believe this video was recorded in the early to mid 1970′s. Even though times have […]


New Threads From Octavius Terry-Sims


Fashion designer, wardrobe stylist and photographer Octavius Terry-Sims recently debuted his new work during the LA Visionary Project. We have previously mentioned Octavius in the context of the mass wedding he participated in with his partner Jamal Terry-Sims during the 2014 Grammys Awards. Many pieces presented in fashion shows are for visual entertainment value and showing off […]