Black Gay Privilege Does Exist

BG Privilege
by Ocky Williams - 20 April 2015

The new controversial buzz phrase that’s making its way through the internet and gay-o-sphere is Black Gay Privilege. Yep, you read it right, Black Gay Privilege. Back in 2012 David Pedulla released The Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes: Race, Sexual Orientation and the Job Application Process in Social Psychology Quarterly. Princeton University News gives a […]


The Men’s Room Glance Down


I first noticed this phenomenon when I was in middle school but didn’t fully attempt to analyze it until I was an adult. Regardless if it’s at the mall, grocery store, locker room, airport etc., why is it that 90% of men will quickly glance down towards another man’s crotch area at some point while […]


Male Standards Of Beauty


A Buzzfeed video that’s making the rounds titled Men’s Standards Of Beauty Around The World, uses male models to show male standards of beauty and physical attributes from 12 different countries. According to Buzzfeed they gathered information from professional publications, entertainment, and social media to determine: how have popular culture and media shaped our views […]