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CA Podcast #66 – The “Tall Bottoms Are Doing God’s Work” Episode

by Cypher Avenue - 8 November 2017

In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy discuss changes to the Cypher Avenue website and forums, what they are binge watching,  if they would survive as Black Gay Men in a Zombie Apocalypse, dating dealbreakers, spotting who the Tops & Bottoms are in gay couples based on height, the struggle of Tall Bottoms and many more topics!


Kiki n’ Brunch

As my blogging history suggets, I usually don’t subscribe to and reject the cult of HIV activism and LGBTQ  PrEP awareness; for reason that can be reviewed at: Is Gay Culture Normalizing HIV? National HIV Testing Day; Who Cares? Does HIV Really Matter Anymore? Despite my usual justified apprehensions, Kiki n’ Brunch does something that […]

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