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Dopeness #3: Lamont Pierre Claps-Back At The Negativity and Announces The End of “Freefall”

by Nick Delmacy - 11 March 2017

In this episode, Filmmaker Lamont Pierre joins Nick to not only discuss his decision to end his long-running hit web series, “Freefall” after four years, but to also stop producing LGBT content altogether.


Kiki n’ Brunch


As my blogging history suggets, I usually don’t subscribe to and reject the cult of HIV activism and LGBTQ  PrEP awareness; for reason that can be reviewed at: Is Gay Culture Normalizing HIV? National HIV Testing Day; Who Cares? Does HIV Really Matter Anymore? Despite my usual justified apprehensions, Kiki n’ Brunch does something that […]


Genderless Men’s Fashion…Huh?


With headlines like, ‘The Most Exciting Show at New York Fashion Week‘ and ‘New Collection Upends Everything You’ve Ever Known About Men’s Fashion’; my expectations were high but after seeing the show in question, I was severely disappointed. Apparently this show was one of the hottest tickets in town during New York’s Fashion week. The […]

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