My Continuous Love Affair With Pornography

by Ocky Williams - 30 July 2015

Depending on who’s psychoanalyzing me, they could either say I do or I don’t have pornography addiction. When I thought about it, I may watch anywhere between 3-6 hours (if not more) of porn per week. I do know I have an addictive personality which may play a part in my viewing habits but could […]


The Men’s Room Glance Down


I first noticed this phenomenon when I was in middle school but didn’t fully attempt to analyze it until I was an adult. Regardless if it’s at the mall, grocery store, locker room, airport etc., why is it that 90% of men will quickly glance down towards another man’s crotch area at some point while […]


The Toyota FT-1


Toyota is on the verge of another breakthrough with the Toyota FT-1 and its coming fast down the horizon. This monster was originally designed in 2007 and has been continuously tweaked since then. With this 2015 concept, the Toyota FT-1 (the next Supra) is for now little less than other worldly.  Planned by Toyota’s best design […]

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