No Fems, Fats, Asians, Blacks, Queers, Short People, Mexicans, Tops, Bottoms or White Dudes And Must Be HIV Neg

by Ocky Williams - 7 April 2014

I read an article by a gay man on a mainstream website that stated in the very first paragraph, “I got all dressed up and feeling sexy and went to a party and didn’t get one number or one guy to hit on me”. That article was written by a man of color who went to […]


Much Ado About Don O’ Reilly


After the George Zimmerman’s acquittal, many in the black and brown communities begin to push for national conversations about race, racism, racial profiling and conditions in minority communities. The large vocal right wing conservatives rebuffed and said, “Please don’t talk to us about race and injustice. Look at what you Negroes do to each other in your own communities”.


The 20 Most Famous Out Gay Men of Color (According to Twitter)


We turned to the biggest high school environment on the planet, Twitter, to determine which openly gay male personalities of color were in fact the most popular. As it turns out, just like a high school, we have a wide range of gay men of color who fall into standard archetypes. We have big ol’ nerds, masculine jocks, feminine boys, quiet types, class clowns, singers, actors, models and yes, six-pack-abs.