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Dopeness #5: Ronald Matters Reveals What Matters To Him

by Nick Delmacy - 21 April 2017

In this episode, host Nick Delmacy updates The Dope List, then he speaks with Ronald Matters, the creator and editor of the self-titled website, They discuss creating their brands, the struggles of blogging daily and getting threatened by the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Kiki n’ Brunch


As my blogging history suggets, I usually don’t subscribe to and reject the cult of HIV activism and LGBTQ  PrEP awareness; for reason that can be reviewed at: Is Gay Culture Normalizing HIV? National HIV Testing Day; Who Cares? Does HIV Really Matter Anymore? Despite my usual justified apprehensions, Kiki n’ Brunch does something that […]


Genderless Men’s Fashion…Huh?


With headlines like, ‘The Most Exciting Show at New York Fashion Week‘ and ‘New Collection Upends Everything You’ve Ever Known About Men’s Fashion’; my expectations were high but after seeing the show in question, I was severely disappointed. Apparently this show was one of the hottest tickets in town during New York’s Fashion week. The […]

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