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Introducing: THE LOCKER ROOM

by Cypher Avenue - 8 February 2016

With our new forum community on The Boards has been growing over the last few months, we’ve realized that our Squad Members desired a more private area on Cypher Avenue to share stories, questions, photos and personal information with the more active contributors.


The Men’s Room Glance Down


I first noticed this phenomenon when I was in middle school but didn’t fully attempt to analyze it until I was an adult. Regardless if it’s at the mall, grocery store, locker room, airport etc., why is it that 90% of men will quickly glance down towards another man’s crotch area at some point while […]


AXE Marketing Adjusts To Shifts in Redefining Masculinity

AXE banner

  Axe personal care products began stepping up and outside of the box, by marketing to a more diverse consumer base. The usual sex driven “use Axe and females will want to fuck you” ads are being replaced. The newer commercials are telling men to be comfortable with themselves in their skin with the tag […]

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