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CA Podcast #54 – The “He Only Looks Good From The Neck Down” Episode

by Cypher Avenue - 23 May 2016

In this podcast, hosts Octavius Williams and Nick Delmacy discuss if Long Distance Relationships can work and if Masculinity & Personality trumps Looks & Superficiality when it comes to dating.


Travel Like A Boss


I’m writing this in response to few posts I have seen on this site and in response to Cypher Avenue Podcast #53. There seems to be a notion that travelling, domestically and internationally in not affordable. That is not always true, especially if you plan accordingly. A recent TIME article How Black Millennials Are Changing the […]


AXE Marketing Adjusts To Shifts in Redefining Masculinity

AXE banner

  Axe personal care products began stepping up and outside of the box, by marketing to a more diverse consumer base. The usual sex driven “use Axe and females will want to fuck you” ads are being replaced. The newer commercials are telling men to be comfortable with themselves in their skin with the tag […]

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