Before we begin, I’ll offer you a choice. You take the blue pill, this blog post ends and you go on believing whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, you stay on the Avenue and I show you just how deep the white rabbit’s hole goes (see what I did there).

Remember, all I’m offering is the truth:

The Gay Agenda is everywhere.

It is all around us. Even now on this very website. You can see it when you look out your window. Or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work. When you go to church. When you pay your taxes.

With that out of the way, let me be clear: I’m a gay black man who loves black men.

However, I’m no Hotep, I believe that Love is Love and as hard as it is to find compatibility, if you can do it with someone outside of your race, have at it.

In the past, I have defended interracial couples on this site and tried to dispel the narrative that successful black gay men hardly ever date fellow black gay men.

But there is power in the images that are put out into mainstream media for the world to see.

I’m a massive consumer of media: film, television, streaming, social media, you name it. I’m always keeping up with the latest content being created.

This brings me to Netflix’s upcoming holiday movie, “Single All The Way.”

Black gay men are seemingly so undesirable that even when the main character is best friends with one (who is super well-manicured and loved by their entire family) the gays will still look past him and hunt for a white hunk on Grindr.


We’re a long way from the black gay couple depicted in the Emmy Award winning Netflix series “I May Destroy You.” Wasn’t it romantic when their relationship ended in rape?

Sexual assault, super cute! Hashtag = GOALS!

We’re a long way from Academy Award winning Moonlight where Chi’ron’s lover Kevin romantically beat his ass in front of the entire school (a couple that technically never actually dated, but black gays shipped them nonetheless):

Awww, how sweet…your boyfriend nearly beating you to death. XOXO

We’re an even longer way from Kaldrick King and Tariq in The LA Complex, who at the time were groundbreaking for depicting a complex (pun intended) black gay couple whom many black gay men could identify with one or both of the characters.

Awww, so romantic…It was super adorable when Kaldrick nearly beat Tariq to death…

Anyone else notice a trend? Ah, the good old days of black gay men and toxic masculinity (sarcasm, folks).

But that was then and this is now.

Here in the now, we have this couple from the Candyman remake:

And this couple from Marvel’s The Eternals:

And this couple from Amazon’s Modern Love:

And this couple from CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery:

And this couple from Neflix’s Hollywood:

This couple from Netflix’s Dear White People:

This couple from HBO’s Watchmen:

This couple from Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots:

Even comic books:

Much like the concept of “cancel culture,” I have never been one to subscribe in the idea of “The Gay Agenda.”

My explanation for this phenomenon has always been, “if white content creators are primarily making the content featuring gay couples, it makes sense that they would lean towards interracial relationships since these are stories from their perspectives.”

This theory doesn’t explain The L.A. Complex (created by white filmmakers). It also doesn’t explain the Candyman remake, created by black filmmakers. Or Dear White People, created by a black gay queer filmmaker.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it. These are all just coincidences, right?

Being fair, there are *some* black gay couples depicted out there in the mainstream media. If we’re not counting the many soft-core porn black gay web series to choose from, I’ve seen a few pop up here and there:

But in a sea of content featuring white gay men dating white gay men, there seems to be a dearth of mainstream content featuring black gay men dating black gay men.

Not even to mention that when we do get black couples, they feature violence. Can that also just be a coincidence?

Oh sure, the diversity boxes are being checked by adding the one black guy or the one latino guy or the one “other” biracial guy for the white boyfriend…But in the days of Black Lives Mattering, Black Couples seemingly do not.

Let’s even eliminate the whole masculine and feminine thing from this discussion. At this point, I would welcome stereotypes like Blaine and Antoine from In Living Color, at least then I would see a couple that (somewhat) looks like me.

Okay, maybe that was going a little too far.

Despite the clickbait title, these depictions of interracial couples in the media have not turned me away from dating black men. However, I gotta admit that I feel like the interracial couples are being normalized to society more than black couples.

And I’ll reiterate: This examination is not about saying black men should only date black men. If you notice, I never even brought up the plethora of black gay celebrities and their white and/or latino husbands. Love is love, do you bro.

I’m really sticking to the FICTIONAL characters that are created, casted and filmed for entertainment. Is it really that much of a stretch to cast a black boyfriend for that black gay character?

Say what we will about (the gay Tupac) Jussie Smollett, before he was fired from Empire he refused to allow his character Jamal Lyon to date a white man saying:

“There was talk about Jamal having a white boyfriend,” Smollett recalled. “And I said, ‘Fuck no!’ Not for any reason, except we have a responsibility and we have a such a beautiful opportunity to show two black men in a relationship together, in a healthy relationship.”

You know how when you get a new car you start seeing other people driving that same make and model car everywhere you go? No matter how you feel on this issue, I promise you this:

Now that I’ve given you the red pill, you will not be able to un-see all of the interracial gay couples depicted in the media.

Gay Agenda cheat code unlocked.