Dr. Italo Brown and Dr. Cedric Rutland stop by their local barbershop to talk about COVID-19 and the vaccine; answering questions about how COVID has hit minority communities so hard and the vaccine’s safety.

Initially, I was both surprised and not surprised to see more than twice as many dislikes to the video than likes.

But then I actually watched the discussion.

The conversation was too abbreviated and the editing was very choppy. There were too many incomplete thoughts thrown out there and legitimate questions the barbers had about Covid-19 and the Vaccine were left dangling with no clear response from the doctors there seeming to help educate them and the viewers.

Examples: One of the guys asks a legitimate question about why he should get the vaccine as a healthy young man and the doctors never really gave a clear and direct answer, instead spouting generalizations about disparity gaps.

Also the older barber says the something about Covid-19 being a “plandemic” and instead of talking it out, the edited in a mini-documentary on what he means what why he’s justified in that paranoid thinking, then they just move on and leave that hanging.

Then there were odd edits where even their celebrity guest appeared to not believe a single word the doctors were saying:

This could have been very dope and informative from people who “look like us” as opposed to Dr. Anthony Fauci, but so many opportunities were lost.

Maybe the footage they got didn’t live up to it their good intentions of education so they resorted to over editing to salvage this into something they could put out there.

Regardless, we here at Cypher Avenue are fully vaccinated and encourage all of you to get the vaccine as well. Not only will it prevent you from getting sick, hospitalized or dying, it can also help stop the spread of the virus to ensure that those out there you come into contact with who are immunocompromised will not get sick or die as well.