Typically, I like my humor like I like my wine, dry AF. So you would think Jerrod Carmichael’s brand of comedy would be right up my alley. Not so much. 

Some may remember Carmichael hosting last year’s Golden Globes Awards to mixed reviews, so I’m not alone in thinking this.

Maybe I just don’t relate to the guy. Maybe I think he comes across too boring, aloof and arrogant. Maybe I’m still a bit peeved about his seemingly homophobic jokes in his first HBO standup special.

To each his own. Someone out there likes the man enough to keep giving him his own self titled TV shows. And apparently those men appear to be White men based on the trailer for this new reality show. 

Obviously I have no problem with interracial dating, I’ve written about it here ad nauseam in the past. But after the section of him kissing a series of White men followed by Tyler the Creator popping up (another Out gay celeb who only dates White men) I doubted that I would watch this series and suddenly begin to find Carmichael relatable to me. 

But that may be the point. This may not be for me. I’m a Black gay man that is attracted to various types, not just one. This may be for the specific Black guy who struggles with his Black family about his love for White men. Love is love, amirite?