For being such a devout heterosexual, producer, director, hotep & dating book writer, Tariq Nasheed, sure spends a lot of time thinking about gay men.

In his latest documentary, the Hidden Colors series producers takes on the concept of “buck breaking.” In his hypothesis, he and other hoteps and Nation of Islam talking heads put forward that black gay men are victims of a white supremacy conspiracy to weaken black men and destroy black families.

To give some type of context on the type of person Tariq Nasheed is, here are screenshots of a few of his tweets :

When I saw Lord Jamar pop up in the trailer, I knew that this was basically a “circle jerk” of homophobes airing their disdain for all things gay.

To get the discussion started for the comments section, I’ll share some hot takes from my initial viewing of the trailer.

I admit that I have not seen the full film (and likely never will) but you can pretty much get the gist of it in what they presented.

  1. I still don’t understand why these people are so bothered by gay black and bisexual men. We make a very small percentage of the population, even when you include the closeted ones of us out there who they can’t see.
  2. This notion that homosexuality is highly contagious and influential to other black men but heterosexuality is not is laughable.
  3. The notion that gay men are destroying and diminishing black families is just as laughable. last I checked, plenty of black straight men and women were still having plenty of kids.
  4. So gays are not only making it so that heterosexuals stop having children, gays also influence kids to became homosexual. Which one is it, there are kids being made or kids are being turned gay?
  5. It both, why is homosexuality supposedly so much more influential than heterosexuality? Seemingly so influential that it can be weaponized by white supremacists for some devious purpose.
  6. This also assumes that gay/bi men can’t and don’t have kids and families of their own. I personally know plenty that do, including many squad members of this site.
  7. To be fair though, they are not necessarily putting all the blame on gay black men, based on this trailer we are victims of a global conspiracy to “break the bucks.” A conspiracy to reduce our numbers and make black men more weak (? I think) so that they (whitet people) can… ummm… do something sinister, I dunno…
  8. Exactly what is the goal of “buck breaking” in 2021? Do these hoteps and Nation of Islam followers think there will be an upcoming race war and our “troop of strong black men” will already have been weakened by centuries of softening with homosexuality? They are delusional and their message is incomprehensible.
  9. Lastly, to be so masculine and manly, they are the biggest drama queens. All of this “the sky is falling” rhetoric about a small percentage of gay black men that are Out and open in this world when there are greater hinderances to all of us collectively out there. Just look at the title card for the film, large text splattered with blood: