A Florida man has pleaded guilty to disguising himself as a woman and then tricking dozens and dozens (and dozens and dozens) of men into making gay pornos. Over the summer, 33-year-old Bryan Deneumostier was accused on conning hundreds of straight-identifying men into thinking they were meeting up with a bored housewife for sex and […]

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Here’s the Squad discussion on the Original Article: Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People By Damon Young A year ago, a line in a piece from Saki Benibo—an assertion also articulated a year before in a tweet from Mela Machinko—inspired me to write something of my own based on that statement. […]

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In advance of the upcoming 2018 Cypher Avenue Winter Reading List, I’ve been copping some new fiction and non-fiction books. One that arrived today that I’ve already felt was a good buy (for me, at least) were “personal growth” books on the subject of Perfectionism. Perfectionism really isn’t about thinking you and everything you do […]

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Following in the industry trend of releasing a slew of limited series comics designed to capitalize on the box office success of live-action movies, Marvel’s just announced an all-new miniseries about the early life of Black Panther’s central villain. This December, writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Juan Ferreyra will dig into the psyche of […]

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This is the video / interview that made Katt Williams go viral this week. While he is technically wrong about Tiffany Haddish's stand up special / tours, at the end of the day he is only speaking his opinion about other Black comedians. AND the roasting of Wanda Smith at the end was fantastic!

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This eight year old British boy named Fabian apparently loves girl’s clothing. He’s been dressing up as women since he was five years old and adopted the drag name “Francesca” after watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. This is proof that we need more Black fathers in Black homes. :iverson2: What are your thoughts?

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Even though J’onn J’onzz is one of the most important and iconic members of the Justice League, the character has always been shrouded in a stifling amount of mystery. That’s in large part because there aren’t that many seminal stories about him. That’s changing this December with a new Martian Manhunter series from writer Steve […]

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Tadd Fujikawa, the youngest American to make the cut in a US PGA Tour event, became the first openly gay male professional golfer, making the revelation in an Instagram post. The 27-year-old from Honolulu said he had been pondering about going public for some time before telling the world he is gay. “I thought that […]

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