Ever since “genius musician” Kanye West began his interview tour on BBC One Radio everyone has wondered if and when he would go on The Breakfast Club radio to be challenged by celebrated hater Charlemagne the God.

The long awaited interview was unleashed onto the world yesterday and Mr West was attacked on just about everything you’d imagine. He faced questions on his arrogance, his recent emphasis on money and corporations, he recent video for “Bound 2″ featuring his fiance Kim Kardashian and more.

Oddly enough, the man held his own, speaking many truths to people who were only interested in fluff. When Kanye breaks down the history and billion dollar financial state of Benz, Nike and Apple and all the interviewers can say in response is, “can’t you just go make some hats with your own money?” you know that West is preaching to the wrong choir.

Admittedly, I’m a Kanye stan. Musically his brilliant and a love that he has more to say than popping bottles in the club and turning up. We live in a world where its impolite to pat yourself on the back no matter how successful you are. Kanye bucks that unspoken rule and I love that. As he put it, “[They] want me to BE great, but never SAY that I’m great.”

If you want some thought provoking truth in your life, check out this full interview…temporarily dismiss your preconceived hatred for Kanye’s ego and arrogance that ALL rappers already have in ALL of their music…Imagine that Kanye West is Caucasian if that would help you respect his words more…But I guarantee you can not step away from this interview thinking this is a man who is as ignorant or ill-informed as those that are interviewing him are.