Are ATL Hawks’ Mike Scott’s Emoji Tattoos The Worst in NBA? Asking For A Friend…

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Dec 9 2016 | 5 Comments  


Mike Scott, the 28 year old Power Forward for the Atlanta Hawks (currently in the NBA Development League with the Delaware 87ers), says that the reason he has Emoji tatts all over his 6′ 8″ body is because he started the trend of using them. No, seriously he believes this.

In an interview with Mashable’s Sam Laird, the Millennial said:

The story behind it is I just use emojis a lot when I text. It’s me; it’s original. People are doing it now, but no one else had it before I started getting into it. I dunno — I guess I started the trend. It’s a trend I see now but for sure no one had it when I started.

Sometimes they say what you can’t say. They can express the words that you can’t say about how you feel. You can do a whole conversation just using emojis and people will understand. I actually do that a lot.

Regardless, that still doesn’t mean that Emojis as ink are a good idea. Are these tatts the worst in the NBA?





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