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PictureWhile this technically isn’t a music video, we’re sharing it anyway. Readers who are over 30 years old should be familiar with the iconic “Revolutionary But Gangster” rap duo know as Dead Prez. Well as we’ve previously mentioned Stic.Man has gone solo and adopted a healthy inspirational lifestyle. His solo album is called “The Workout” and it literally has every song on the album dedicated to clean eating and physical fitness. Its a brilliant album that I’m glad to have supported with my wallet.

This video called Pain is Temporary, I’m posting in the wake of Jason Collins historic Coming Out Letter yesterday. Pain is indeed temporary. In the video, motivational speaker Eric Thomas says “The problem is, you ain’t never felt no pain before, you’re soft! This a soft generation!” I immediately felt this applied to many gay black men. So this video is dedicated to all the overly defensive and offended effeminate men out there. This video is dedicated to all the paranoid and closeted masculine men out there.

Man the fuck up. All of you. Real talk. Be the fucking man that you are! Not the spoiled fucking brats! Life is too short to be overly concerned over the opinions of strangers and not living your life to the fullest for the acceptance of others.

Fem dude: A masculine guy doesn’t want to date you? Fuck him, his loss, let him be single for the rest of his life. He doesn’t even wanna be your “friend”, Fddddduck him!!! Why do you need his fucking acceptance anyway?! There’s 7 billion people in the world!!!

Masc dude: Worried how your homophobic friends & family will treat you if they knew you were gay? Fddddduck them!!! They are dating, partying, settling down and living their lives to the fullest and you’re not. What sense does that make? Besides, if they won’t like you as a gay man, they are NOT worthy to be called your family/friends/frat brothers to begin with! It’s their issue, not yours. Life is too fucking short.

As we’ve said from Day One of Discreet City, Ocky and I are Out, discreet and don’t give two fucks. If someone asks, we most likely tell them (if we feel the need, some people are just nosey, why the mailman gotta know my sex life?). Guess what effeminate and masculine brothers? Life has been just as mundane and drama free for us as a result of it. It wasn’t always like that but “Pain is Temporary. It may last for a minute…or an hour…or a day…or a even year…But eventually it will subside and SOMETHING ELSE WILL TAKE ITS PLACE. At the end of Pain is SUCCESS!”