It’s time for Cypher Avenue Pop Culture Expert, Nick Delmacy, to review and recap the latest episode of a popular web series or television show. For those not familiar, Nick satirically recapped a bunch of Gay Black Web Series like Steel River, Finding Me, In the Deep, No Shade, Street Behavior, Mommaz Boi and Freefall with hilarious results. Now its time for Nick to once again shamefully demonstrate that its much easier to criticize than to produce the work yourself.

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What’s good, fam? I’m back. Been gone too long but we did just launch a brand new website, so I been kinda busy. What I miss? Not much? Oh, aight. What’s on tap today? We got a few emails and by popular demand: a new episode of Freefall? Oh Boy. This review/recap may be longer than others since I haven’t talked about this show since the first season.

Okay, confession. I watch this web series but I don’t really “love” it. At the same time, I also watch “The Walking Dead” and I really hate that show. Like, for real, “The Walking Dead” is horrible, the writing and acting is the worse. But I still can’t help but watch it and so do millions of other people. So take all that as a compliment I guess.

The fans must love to see me hate on these shows and movies. Fucking turncoats. Call it “throwing shade” all you want. I just don’t do passive-aggressive. I tell people what I really think. Is it my fault I was born sarcastic?

Sarcasm aside, Freefall does have a lot of positives, though. Namely, Freefall is one of the 3 best web series created by and featuring black gay men (joined by Drama Queenz and No Shade). Its got the best looking cast of any gay web series. The photography is on point. The audio has improved. Also, it’s at least trying to tell atypical gay stories. Kinda. I guess. All that and they don’t have a “network” budget or generous financiers. That’s impressive.

Having said that, its not immune to being over analyzed by Nick Delmacy. Honestly, I have faith that it will get better. But so far, watching Freefall has been like dating attractive muscular tattooed men: You keep hoping that the next one will be less disappointing than the last, only to be fooled yet again (zing!).

Ayo, I have a little ritual that I perform before watching “Freefall.” First, I turn the Contrast and Saturation on my laptop monitor ALL THE WAY UP to compensate for the contrast and color that director Lamont Pierre takes out of the show.

adjust contrast

Seriously, why does he do that? Why take crispy colorful 1080p HD images and piss on them? To make it look more like film? Nah, even film doesn’t look like as muted as Freefall does. That’s also a subtle way of saying the show is WAY TOO GREEN-TINTED! I get it. Film Auteur. New Wave Cinema. Real Artistry. Yup, okay. Lamont loves the color green. I get it. We all get it. Now ease back on the throttle a bit, homie. Our computer monitors are capable of displaying more than 256 RGB colors nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, the shot compositions are great more times than they’re not, but it sucks to click on the YouTube gear for 1080p HD and not see any difference.

Next, I prepare to watch Freefall by grabbing a few items:


1. No Doz: This show drags on and on so much that I sometimes doze off during the show only to wake up and discover I’m STILL ON THE SAME SCENE!

2. Uta Hagen’s Respect for Acting: I sit this book next to my laptop to remind myself that I should respect what these models are attempting to do here, regardless of the outcome. In all honesty, they’re likely doing better than I would if I tried acting, but that ain’t saying much. Still, props to them for doing this web series instead of porn.

3. Suicide Kit: Seriously. This show is soooooooo fucking depressing. After each episode, this is what I look like:


I figured it out: Lamont Pierre is the Black Gay Film equivalent to singer Adele. Whoever broke his heart back in the day really fucked him up. From My Brother’s Keeper to Freefall, everything is dark, moody and depressing. Every relationship featured on his shows are portrayed as burdens and curses. That dude really put a number on Lamont. Lets all throw him a virtual hug. *Virtual hug thrown* *Secretly shoots syringe full of adrenaline into his buttock to perk him up*

Aight, that’s enough foreplay. Let’s watch the ninth episode of Freefall! (Catch up on the first 8 episodes HERE)

You made it all the way? Whoa, congrats. Survival of the fittest, yo! Darwin was right!

Okay, hit the next page and let’s recap!