PHOTO BREAK: Tameka Raymond’s Wristbands

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Dec 8 2011 | 3 Comments  

The “Smh @ This Bitch” Award of Day goes to Usher Raymond’s 40-year-old ex-wife Tameka. Recently she tweeted that Gay men who look Straight should wear wristbands “because it isn’t really fair” to women like her. Then she mentions the clothing these men wear to fool her: Timbs, caps and vests. This also implies that she doesn’t want masculine gay/bisexual men to wear certain things that straight men wear. Should they all only wear pink blouses and sequin?

– Nick D
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  1. John | June 13th, 2014


  2. TG Virgo | July 1st, 2014

    She is a trip!!! I worked at the Regal movie theater in Chamblee about 7+ years ago and I witnessed one of her “Smh @ This Bitch” moments. She, her 2 sons, and Usher were about to leave after we watching a movie. The theater was doing face painting to raise money for its charity. The 2 boys wanted to get their faces painted and Tameka angrily said, “That’s for girls”. Usher (who I’ve met there numerous times before and don’t like b/c he’s 5’7 w/ a 7’10 ego) was my and the kids hero that day. He told her that both boys and girls get their faces painted, and they’re JUST KIDS(under 8yo). He basically told that chick to take a chill pill and stop sweatin’ it. He suggested that they get a little pic on their cheeks. She seemed upset from either being corrected or undermined, but I was enjoying seeing her seething near the customer service desk. The youngest boy got something like a basketball, but the oldest son wanted a star. This bitch flipped her wig again and came over there got in her son’s face and told him he was not getting a sissy star. He needs to get a basketball too or something else. The child had his head down like he was about to cry. The painter said she’d just give him a football. Usher grabbed her arm and was saying something inaudible to Tameka. The painter did a football, and she gave him a big blue star with SUPER in yellow painted over it meaning “Superstar”. Usher gave his donation for the paintings and they quickly left.

  3. alton
    NYCforEVER | July 1st, 2014

    Fuckin’ Bird

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