Quick Announcement! In the spirit of Black Gay Pride, we wanted to brag a lil bit. We’re “proud” to announce that according to Amazon’s Internet Traffic Stats website, Cypher Avenue is quickly becoming one of the top globally ranked websites for Black Gay News, Opinion & Entertainment Content.


Whuuuuuuuuuuut? And we’re only a couple months old!

To be fair, this is just from one source and the list in particular is limited to the top black gay male sites that are porn-free and don’t just primarily focus on heterosexual celebrity gossip (turns out there aren’t that many). Also, we’re family with all of the other sites listed so we’re in good company!

The Alexa ranking system is a little complicated and as they put it:

The Alexa Traffic Rank of a given website isn’t determined solely by the traffic to that site, but takes into account the traffic to all sites and ranks sites relative to each other.   Since your site is ranked relative to other sites, changes in traffic to other sites affect your site’s rank. – Read More Details Here.

Whatever, yo! We popping bottles tonight! This is really just a mental reward for all the hard work me, Ocky and all of the contributing writers put into building the website. We plan to keep climbing higher on the Alexa list even more. Doooooooooope!


Aight, back to enjoying your Labor Day Weekend….be safe, have fun and we’ll see you next week!