I was born and raised in Virginia, one of a handful of states that do not have a professional football or basketball team.

Even though I’m not a basketball fan in the sense that there is a player or team I stan for, I still really enjoy watching NBA games. David Stern became the league’s commissioner when I was 10, a job he would hold for 30 years. Much like those kids who grew up around 2010 and have imprinted ‘President of the United States’ to Barack Obama; I like others have been imprinted with Stern being the President of the NBA.

In my opinion, being in that high profile job for decades did kinda give Stern a ‘I can walk on water’ disposition at times. Case in point is the interview Stern did with sports reporter Jim Rome back in 2012. Rome asked a question that millions of NBA fans were thinking, “is the NBA lottery rigged?” Some found Stern’s response / quip offensive while others like myself was like, “oh shit…shots fired!” Stern even leaves the quick interview with parting shots before he disconnects that call…. Straight Savage!