Picture Atlanta filmmaker Wayne Hobdy has launched a $12,500 IndieGoGo Campaign in an effort to fund the production of a Television Pilot called, “InsideOUT.” The potential series is described as “an episodic drama about a talented, ambitious and inquisitive homeless teen that finds refuge in the home of a same-gendered couple.”

According to Hobdy, they’ve already written 14 episodes of the series that is based on a short film of the same name that he produced earlier this year.  He calls the film “experimental” but in all honesty it’s just plain amateurish. The editing features jump cuts, surreal attempts to “steady” shaky images as well as times when you can hear the director yelling “action” and “cut.” The acting is poor and the camera is out of focus nearly as much as it is in focus.

However this is all acceptable, given that Hobdy doesn’t have an extensive list of film credits yet he still manages to engage the viewer with his characters and real life situations.

In fact, his short film (embedded below) is more engaging than a lot of what we’ve seen from many Gay Black filmmakers in the past. You actually get the sense that these are real people in a real non-stereotypical gay relationship.

If he raises all of the money needed for his Pilot Episode, we hope that his first priorities are to hire better actors, hire a better film crew and spend a little more time on his screenplays. The potential is there for Wayne Hobdy to make significant contributions to the limited landscape of Gay Black Cinema.


– Nick D