Christmas comes early this year!

We will be blessed with yet another African American LGBT reality show web series set in Atlanta! The world needs to see how gay men of color in Atlanta REALLY live and thankfully we have content creators out there who will tell the truth about our “truth!”

Finally a series will stop pretending that Hotlanta LGBT men of color have boring regular lives! No…we don’t slave away in dead-end corporate America careers, we don’t struggle paying bills, we don’t have straight male friends, we don’t play sports, we don’t have lack fabulous social lives and we damn sure don’t live past 40 years old!

In actuality, we’re all young men who are into photography, fashion and style! The new docudrama “Industry Guys Atlanta” premiering December 7th 2015 finally shows the reality of our lives!


All jokes aside, this series produced for the online network Dream Nation TV doesn’t pretend to represent all of the LGBT Atlanta community. In fact this is a spin-off of an existing series called “Industry Guys Philadelphia” which ran for 2 seasons online last year. The show specifically focuses just on men who work in the world of making others look good.

Also, the show doesn’t seem focus on the LGBT aspects of the men featured on the show. To be honest, these men might not even be gay. Let’s go with that. These are all heterosexual black men who happen to work in the fashion industry and are featured on a reality show. Yeah, let’s go with that.

If you’re into men’s style lifestyle from a (possibly) LGBT point of view, this new series may just be for you. You can catch the show on December 7th here on their YouTube page.

In the meantime, check out the teaser and extended trailer below: