Picture Admittedly I’m not a huge football fan. Not because I’m Gay, though. It’s because I just find the sport kinda boring.  Think about it: Fifteen minutes for a bunch of guys to move  a mere ten yards? Finally a First down! Okay…time for a commercial break then we’ll do it all over again. The only thing more boring is Baseball and Golf. Basketball, soccer and hockey on the other hand, non-stop enjoyment. Football is a sport better played than watched.

Having said that, I still found this recent documentary discovery very interesting. The film, “FLAG FOOTBALL”, follows four teams competing in the National Gay Flag Football League. They track the progress of the teams from Team Selection all the way to the 2011 Gay Bowl XI (the league’s version of the Super Bowl) going down this past weekend.

For those not in the know, the NGFFL features teams in over 21 cities and even a team outside of the United States (the Toronto Mounties). The teams include former NFL players as well as former college players and Gay athletes in general.

This further adds support to my theory that some of the masculine men you see playing in the NFL and AFL must be either Gay or Bisexual just based on statistics alone, not to mention the fact that athleticism is not limited to heterosexuality.

For example, masculine New York Warriors player Sterling Devon Walker – aka Rock (pictured) looks like he could fit into any ‘roids and testosterone-supplement-enhanced NFL locker room.


New York Warriors player Sterling Devon Walker (aka Rock)
The documentary producers completed a successful Kickstarter campaign back in January however their filming and fundraising efforts continue to this day. So the film has not yet been released but there is still footage to be seen. Last Thursday the producers released a new 5-Minute Trailer giving us a bigger peek not only into their footage but also into the league and men playing in it as well.If you want to support the production of the film visit their Facebook page for details.Below are trailers for the documentary:
The Original Teaser Trailer:
The New EXTENDED trailer: