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Wow; something different than the 4 effeminate gay friends looking for love in the club? Two closeted Muslim teens have no idea they are under FBI surveillance. A new independent film titled Naz & Maalik tells the tale of two younger generation homosexuals. Yet again we have another example of a non-ethic or white film maker taking a chance and being creative by telling a unique story about black gay men.  Strangely something that black gay film makers rarely seem to be able to accomplish.

Naz and Maalik spend their Friday hustling the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. While deciding whether to tell their community about their homosexuality, Naz and Maalik’s ambiguous and secretive relationship unknowingly sets an FBI agent on their trail. As the agent grows convinced that the boys are engaged in “violent radicalism,” her pursuit becomes increasingly menacing and the stakes surrounding the boys’ hapless hustling and lies grow. What began as a struggle to protect their sexual identities evolves into a crisis much larger a fight to stay alive.

Currently in post-production Pecking Wilds is about $10,000 away from the $35,000 Kickstarter goal.  You can show your support by making your donations here.  Check out the trailer for Naz & Maalik below and tell us what you think.