For those of us that liked the Bryan Singer X-Men films (Parts 1 and 2), we celebrate his return to the franchise with the release of this pretty awesome teaser trailer to X-Men: Days of Future Past. What most has me stoked is seeing a glimpse of the bad-ass black character Bishop (Omar Sy), who seems to have traded his El DeBarge “Soul Glow” curls for dreadlocks.

The film features Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and sending Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) consciousness back through time in order to avert a dark future in which all mutants are captured or killed by Boliver Trask’s (Peter Dinklage) Sentinels. The film looks to be a wonderful blending of the cast from the original X-Men films and the latest X-Men film, First Class, in which we saw the younger versions of the familiar characters.

Whether the film will be good or not remains to be be seen, but in the meantime take a look at some of the epic-ness that we can expect.