I’d be lying if I said that I was a very trendy, fashionable guy. As a matter of fact, my sneaker game is abysmal and my wardrobe is so 2008. I’m just not a fan of shopping and I’m not the best at throwing together unrelated pieces of clothing to make a dope original outfit.

Thankfully I’m not a total loss in the fashion area.


Because the Internet.

There are tons of cool men’s fashion blogs that cater to my urban sensibilities. The problem I have with many fashion websites and magazines is they typically only highlight clothing that celebrities and millions can afford to casually buy and wear once or twice a year.

Guys like myself need everyday looks that won’t force us to sacrifice a month’s worth of rent to add to our wardrobes. Fortunately there are websites that show you how to do just that. Here’s a list of 10 blogs that I visit on the regular to keep up with the latest in urban men’s style.



Named one of Esquire’s 5 best dressed real men in America, Sabir M. Peele knows how to look sophisticated and fly on a budget. Through his site, Men’s Style Pro, he gives great tips on staying fashionable from head to toe. With great photography provided by Peele’s wife, Men’s Style Pro rivals upscale fashion magazines like GQ and Details.




It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Street Etiquette founders Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi. Their style blog was one of the first things I blogged about back in 2011 when we started the website. The team expertly merges modern urban fashion trends with classic men’s style from the past. Their brand has now spread across the globe thanks to social media with over 100k followers on Instagram alone.




A website dedicated to highlighting “Affordable Men’s Style.” How could you not love that? Dappered is a site that expertly gives you tips on looking like a millionaire entrepreneur on an upstart’s budget.




For the sneaker heads out there, Kicks on Fire provides a reliable source for the latest footwear hitting the streets. All of the hottest trainers are highlighted here with amazingly detailed photographs from every possible angle. With over a million followers on Facebook, they must be doing something right.




One thing that’s very clear about me amongst my friends is that I love fitted caps. If I was making that Zuckerberg Guap from being a Cypher Avenue founder, I would have a whole room full of various fitteds for my peanut shaped head. Thanks to Strictly Fitteds, I can still stay updated on the newest designer caps to hit the scene until that billion dollar Cypher Ave check hits my mailbox.




Again, my sneaker game is atrocious. Websites like Nice Kicks do their best to remind me of this fact every day they post exquisite photos of the latest kicks to slide down the pipeline. If your a sneaker head, this is quite possibly the best website in the world. the best thing about Nice Kicks for a guy like me is they also cover skateboard shoes, my favorite everyday footwear.



7. K1X

I debated adding this one to the list mainly because K1X is a brand that actually has its own clothing line. The great thing about this 21+ year old German based company is that in addition to selling some pretty dope urban gear, they run a great style blog as well. Even if you don’t hop over to their online store to cop a Tee or Button Down, the updates on their blog alone will give you plenty of inspirational style ideas.




More of a photography blog that a detailed style site, Dapper Lou nonetheless provides great images of classic style blended with modern urban trends. Not only that, the fashion of cultures all over the world are put on display in site creator Lougè’s amazing photography. 




If you need help transitioning your wardrobe from that of a boy to a fashionably well-dressed grown man, The TSB Men website is essential. They cover just about every type of style for just about every occasion.




Fashion forward husband, father and blogger Kelvin’s site Notoriously Dapper closes out this list thanks to his keen everyday sense of style. What’s also great about this style blog is Kelvin, who serves as his own model, shows us that heavy-set guys can be just as flyy as the slim models photographed on just about every other men’s fashion site.