2014 Ford F-150 Tremor

By G Andre | Posted Sep 20 2013 | 4 Comments  


Ok folks, let’s face it.  As much as I am partial to other automobile makers I have to give my hat a tilt to Ford. 

Not only has Ford simply taken off in the quality department (save the My Ford Touch) but they have also gone out of their way in the design department to give the customer something attuned to his/her own singularity. The improvement in quality and design were mainly due to complaints from enthusiast who didn’t want to drive fast and have to operate the dash/control panel features at the same time…Very distracting.

The new Ford F-150 Tremor is not a club cab.  It can stick it to the race track with its 3.5 Twin Turbo EcoBoost and has a short bed with a suspension that is ready to “shake’n bake” city blocks and turn gravel into glass.  Using both the short platform and the short bed, the Tremor will be both shorter and lighter than past fast trucks, namely the SVT Lightning.

Even though this is a vehicle that is meant to be seen; the interior looks just as good as the exterior. Designed in the typical Ford F-150, the Tremor’s dash layout looks and feels just as solid. 


Quality is back to being job one and you may even notice that on the center stack the Tremor has a few things that have been missing from major car manufacturers lately.  Yes girls and boys, Ford has decided to give in and give us a few throwbacks like buttons and dials and they even kept the shifter on the floor in order to make a less controversial product. If you ask me, it works.    


The piping on the seats gives the interior just enough flair and aggressive attitude to say “man don’t you even try it”.  The heart of the Tremor is Fords own 3.5 V-6 with Twin Turbo (dubbed EcoBoost)  producing 365hp and 420lb-ft of torque. In the vernacular, it’s fast as hell.

Don’t expect stellar fuel economy with this beast and don’t expect to be able to park it anywhere you want, as this is still a big truck.  It will leave a big environmental footprint and will still be costly to operate and maintain.  I’m sure you already knew that as you don’t buy a truck like this to be frugal. .  The Tremor is expected to hit the streets late 2013 and is expected to have a lot of standard options and a price tag of about $35,300.  So grab the handles and get ready to set fire to the rain with the “Tremor, Built Ford Tough”.  You know I had to squeeze that in.  Thanks for checking us out.



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  1. Ocky Williams | September 20th, 2013

    Yes…I love trucks!!!!

    • G Andre | September 24th, 2013

      I agree Ocky.. Didn’t see this coming just a few years back when we (the automotive press) thought big trucks were done. My hat is off to Ford for going in the parts bin and coming out with this sexy beast.. Thanx for your comment man.. Deuces..!

  2. Cyrus-Brooks
    Cyrus Brooks | September 24th, 2013

    Pretty cool looking truck. I’m a Ford fan so I’d love the F150. I’m not sure about the ecoboost V6 though. Yes its powerful but in a full size truck I’d rather have a V8. The V8 rumble just sounds better. Yeah I’m old fashioned.

    • G Andre | September 24th, 2013

      Yup. I agree with you on that brotha, but the day has come when we can get 355hp from a 4 cylinder and still get 34 mpg.. (not that I would buy it tho.) Traditional V8 Beef in a truck is great, but technology wins this fight, though not by much. Check the stats on both. The TT6 has less hp but more torque for pulling, and oh that 2mpg difference..! (Man, I’m shakin all over..) Thanks for reading and your comment Cyrus.. Deuces..!!

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