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Marvel’s Hip Hop Covers 

This past summer Marvel announced and released images of their hip hop inspired variant comic covers that have been debuting each week in October. Admittedly I wasn’t to enthused being that I haven’t been interested in Marvel comics in years. The initial Marvel Knights reboot…


SOLE WALKERS: Converse Style 

On a quick trip to the local food court, I saw kats rocking some crazy Converse styles. Once I got back to my work station, I decided to head over to the just to see what was available and check the prices. Yep…they have…

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In my opinion New Balance was always one of those sneakers that flew under the radar. Even though they are not as big a Nike or Adidas, there is something kind of mellow and laid back about these classic sneakers. It’s the right time of season to rock the sophistication that is New Balance.