Anthony Mackie is back on Netflix for season 2 of Altered Carbon. This time around he’s not playing a aging dad going through a sexual crisis (Black Mirror: Striking Vipers) but a man in a different body searching for his lost love.

Altered Carbon is based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan in which an ex-soldier wakes up in a body that’s not his. Hundreds of years in the future the human mind (consciousness) has become digitized and can be switched between vacant human bodies via ‘stacks’ (the component that houses the consciousness). In essence this process allows some to become immortal.

I can’t remember much of season 1 outside of the cool choreographed action sequences. I found myself watching just to complete the journey of seeing how the season would end. Season 2 seems to have more of the same with Kovacs (Anthony Mackie) returning to his home world of Harlan to find his bae Quellcrist (Renée Elise Goldsberry). Admittedly the action does seem to have picked up a notch.

Watch season 2 when it releases February 27th on Netflix.