Disclaimer; I’m a proponent of people (specifically men) having the right to be able to present themselves however they want. Live in your truth and do what makes you happy….FULL STOP. As a homosexual Black man, there are many elements in Gay Culture that clash with my ‘truth’. There are also fads within pop culture that clash with my style and sensibilities. That being said, I basically give a pass to celebrities and their outlandish styles which many times are quests for attention and publicity. How others can and do present themselves …to each his own. I also think celebrity has allowed some Black men to express themselves in a way that maybe they couldn’t have while the hood so good for them.

Just like rectums, we all have opinions and sometimes those opinions are shit. My shitty opinion is that sometimes straight men present themselves gayer than some gay men. Case in point everyone’s favorite hip-hop auntie Yung Joc.  Just look at this dude on the cover of a magazine looking like somebody’s lesbian butch wife with a tagline of ‘Hair & Masculinity’.

Sorry but this style is not masculine and me making that statement doesn’t mean I’m intolerant or displaying toxic masculinity.  Take Snoop, DJ Quick, and Katt Williams….Black men have been and will continue to perm their hair. In the past I’ve used S-Curl to texturize my hair before. So again I don’t have a problem with men perming their hair or wearing man-weaves. I’m saying specifically the way Yung Joc hair is styled, makes him look non-heterosexual. This is not redefining masculinity. This is simply a man wearing a female hairstyle as a man.