CA Podcast #70 – The “Podcasting is a Choice” Episode

By Nick Delmacy | Posted May 31 2018 | 4 Comments  

Brehs, we present to you a new episode of the CYPHER AVENUE PODCAST where you’ll hear us give updates, engage in heated topic debates, interviewing interesting homosexual men of color and us verbally adding on to the articles posted on the website. The episodes will be available in four ways: You can listen to them on the site, watch on YouTube, download a MP3 version or subscribe to us on iTunes or YouTube for automatic updates!

Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy finally discuss Kanye West’s controversial tweets, Joy Reid’s Homophobic blog posts, Nas’ wife beating allegations, a spoiler-filled review of “Avengers: Infinity War” and they check in on Cardi B’s soon to be famous baby.






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  1. hannibal
    hannibal | May 31st, 2018

    1. Still haven't seen Inifnity Wars. In fact, I think I've only ever seen the Thor movies(no particular reason, always went with somebody) Black Panther(Because I just had to) and Age of Ultron. I guess I must not really be a fan lol. Although Civil War and Winter Soldier I thought were really good.

    2. Kanye is a contrarian. Plain and simple. I read an article that pointed it out. He did the College Dropout thing to be contrary. He was ultra pro-black because it was shocking at the time. Now he's Trumpian…because it's contrarian. Once I put those pieces together it really made me look at his whole career differently. Anyways, I understood what he was saying with the slave comment, but it was stupid as you cannot possibly put yourself in our ancestors shoes to know how messed up of a choice that was.

    3. Nas. This hurt. I was blown away and was like "NAS???" But, going from experience and observation, them be the ones. If their crazy was evident then they would never hook people. I tend to believe the women. Here's why. People in general do not lie about being abused. It's a shameful and painful thing that ain't exactly glamorous. In fact, the vast majority of survivors hide it or lie about it. I guess you could say in a minority of cases some people lie for financial gain, but there have been very few cases of that. Even then, take FABULOS and his girl and how she tried to downplay it. Or Ivana Trump backtracking years later saying Trump never abused her. Sometimes there's a huge trauma bond that won't allow the victim to ever fully turn on the abuser. Even the Ray Rice case…his girl had the nerve(after we all saw her get mollywhopped on camera) say that it was her fault. So I believe Kelis as it don't really appear she had much to gain.

  2. takeyourmeds91
    takeyourmeds91 | June 2nd, 2018

    Fuck Kanye West. Nobody is that stupid to where we need to discuss the literal choice of slavery (but then again, I could be wrong). At any rate, that's a base-level discussion. @hannibal if he is indeed a contrarian, fuck him even more.

    Avenger's was very White-Savior-esque with Thor being the most powerful dude instead of it being a team-effort. The whole movie was full of plot-holes anyway. Entertaining but I'm glad I firesticked it lmao

  3. Day
    Day'lon DoCouto | June 2nd, 2018

    Where yall been? Lol

  4. DreG
    DreG | June 5th, 2018

    Starlord pissed me off so much.Like,the moment fit his character,and was still good storytelling,but I wanted someone to hit him when he screwed up the plan.

    Spider-Man's death was the only one that was really striking in any way for me,just because of how he was as it happened.With the rest it was like,meh,they're obviously not killing them.But,it was a great ending because the characters don't know that,and their devastation made for a powerful finale.

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