If you’re like me, you make the arduous journey back home to be with your loved ones for the holidays. It’s not so much the trip that’s the problem, its the need for something to listen to while traveling. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

I’ll be driving roughly 6 hours this year to join by mother, brother, sister and bad-ass nephews for Thanksgiving. While I do have tons of new music to listen to, I prefer to listen to podcasts because they seem to help the time go by faster while on the road.


Even if I were flying, I love listening to something other than the chatter of airport noise while waiting around in the multiple lines to get to and on the plane. Not to mention needing something to listen to on the flight itself. A good podcast can make a 2 hour flight feel like 30 minutes.


Here at Cypher Avenue, we’re approaching our milestone 50th Podcast. I’ve already gone out on the limb and announced that it will be a LIVE SHOW for people to call in to ask questions and give their input as we’re recording the show. Will it go on without a hitch or will it be a cluster fuck? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, this is a perfect opportunity for you to catch up on the episodes you may have missed.

We dug into the crates for 8 of our old favorites:

The Cypher Avenue Podcast #8 – Sex & Dating Roundtable Discussion


In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy join five members of Cypher Avenue to discuss dating, sex, relationships and the Cypher Ave article “The 15 Reasons You Are NOT Relationship Material.”


Cypher Avenue Podcast #21 – Gay Origin Stories, Burden of Masculinity, Fem Gay Media Stereotypes


In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy join five members of Cypher Avenue to discuss the moments they accepted that they were gay or bisexual, Coming out stories, the lack of black gay/bisexual role models they can relate to, the burden of being masculine gay men and the overwhelming flamboyant stereotypes of gay men in the media.


Cypher Avenue Podcast #9 – Richard Sherman, Tre Melvin, Gay House Parties


In this podcast, Cypher Avenue founders Ocky Williams & Nick Delmacy discuss Richard Sherman’s rant, Drag Queen Tre Melvin’s coming Out, Gay House Party Etiquette, Michael Johnson aka Tiger Mandingo  & much more!


Cypher Avenue Podcast #11 — The Relationship Show: Part Dos


In this podcast Ocky Williams and his partner Prince D answer questions submitted by Cypher Avenue followers. These include the subjects of cheating, infidelity, sex, dating and other miscellaneous topics as it pertains to relationships.


Cypher Avenue Podcast #14 – Dating, Fly Young Red “Throw That Boy Pussy”, Ballroom Voguing


In this podcast, Cypher Avenue founders Ocky Williams & Nick Delmacy discuss Dating in Atlanta, Having Casual Sex with Friends, The Eligible Bachelor Squad Members on Cypher Avenue, Fly Young Red’s love for “Boy Pussy”, Why Strip Clubs and the Ballroom Scenes are kinda “Gross”, Examining if Nick and Ocky are actually effemaphobes in denial, inappropriate jokes about missing Malaysia Flight 370 and much more!


Cypher Avenue Podcast #24 – Fly Young Red, Bry’Nt, Siya, Metrell Hurst, Lasto


In this podcast, Cypher Avenue co-founder Nick Delmacy heads out to meet fellow site editor Ocky Williams at an Atlanta nightclub. While searching for Ocky, he listens to the latest R&B and Hip Hop songs from LGBT artists, reveals who he’s attracted to and ponders on the Light Skin vs Dark Skin debate.


Cypher Avenue Podcast #25 – The Return of Ocky, Cypher Ave Feedback, Sounding Gay


In this podcast, Cypher Avenue co-founder Ocky Williams finally returns to the pod after a 2 month absence. Along with Nick Delmacy, they discuss Michael Sam, results from the Cypher Avenue Survey, Gay men who sound gay and they ponder why gays announce being in relationships after only 2 weeks of dating.


Cypher Avenue Podcast #28 – Gay Escorts and Boyfriends


In this podcast, Cypher Avenue founders Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy discuss Gay Alcohol, Gay Male Prostitutes, LGBT Music and whether it’s possible to be an Unofficial Gay Boyfriend.