Who Likes Musky Nutts? 

Do you like musky balls? Maybe I should quantify “musky” or “musty”. Personally I’m not talking about funky, haven’t washed in 3 days, been working in the yard all day, ill-smelling foulness. No, I’m  referring to just awaken in the morning nutts. You know when…


National HIV Testing Day; Who Cares? 

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. Do we care or should I say, does it really matter? Of course it does! Cypher Avenue has talked about HIV/AIDS awareness, STD prevention and highlighted real life stories from real people numerous times since our incarnation. I…


Another Side Of Masculinity 

Many feminist of all genders and orientations use masculinity and misogyny almost interchangeably. As if one can’t exist without the other. While some gay feminist view masculinity as a materialistic accessory with no real value or meaning, others gays want masculinity redefined so whatever new…


The Science of Morning Wood & Orgasms 

If you are not familiar with AsapSCIENCE, they host a YouTube channel that answers your questions from a scientific point of view. The videos are short and very easy to understand. I came across these two interesting subjects; “Morning Wood & Orgasms” that we wanted to share with our male audience.

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MiXOLOGY: Tonight We Tanqueray 

Regardless if its kicking back on the weekend or just relaxing after a hard day’s work; there’s always time for Tanqueray.  On the rocks with no chaser might be a little bit to strong for some.  Yes, I do sometimes have extreme tastes.  So below…


MiXOLOGY: Blood Orange & Coconut Rum Mojito 

Continuing our Halloween theme, we have incorporated a drink recipe with Blood Oranges. The deep red hue of the blood orange is far darker than your regular orange, thus giving its flesh and juice a deep red color, similar to blood. Of course keeping with our theme what better way to get tipsy while being festive?