A couple of weeks ago I read an article about students displaying placards with phrases of micro-aggressions.  Micro-aggression, originally coined academically in the 1970s, is a small or minor behavior, phrase or other action that exhibits a hostile or derogatory attitude towards a minority. The article featured a young photographer’s student subjects revealing comments, attitudes and actions of social aggression that they have experienced, affirming other people’s bigotries.

These pictures were eye opening but for me were not shocking; because as a black man I have also experienced micro-aggression.  The article did make me ponder about the micro-aggression that I have experienced concerning my homosexuality from heterosexuals (including family) and from other homosexuals.   Below are just a few. 



I didn’t know only ugly dudes were gay.


I don’t know. Just bored I guess.



 Give me some head and I will let you know afterwards.


Yeah, I guess I’ll just kill myself now.


 *Sigh* masculinity doesn’t equal having a girlfriend or a wife…WTF


News Flash…Gay people have kids.


Dammit! Who knew I was “doing gay wrong” all these years. All those homosexual acts and nothing to show for it.

Yes, I actually heard this once in the gym…


Said a group of male out of shape slobs.  That’s right; gay men who care about their health and appearance are HIV positive.

Have you experienced micro-aggression concerning your sexuality?  Please feel free to share your personal experiences.