Looks like writer/creator Benjamin Cory Jones’ network gamble with his pilot “Bros Before Hos” paid off. The Hollywood news site Deadline has announced that the show, now more appropriately titled, “Bros” has been picked up for a development deal with HBO.

If you remember, Jones shunned the idea of turning “Bros” (based on his life as a black gay man) into a web series, instead opting to go for a television network deal.

I have a feeling that the title may be changed again since the word “Bro” is despised in the white gay community.

Does this mean that we will soon be seeing the show airing right before HBO’s other “gay” show “Looking?”




Development deals are just that. The network retains the right to exclusively develop the show. If they get it fleshed out to the point where they are ready for a Pilot, that gets greenlit and then the wheels start really turning.

However, with most networks, not every project being developed makes it to Pilot. If the Pilot is made and loved by the execs, then the show gets picked up to a Series order for a certain amount of episodes. This happens even less often than a development deal.

On the other hand, we’re talking about HBO and they usually commit to their shows. Especially now that the network has many sister stations and is getting serious about Video on Demand and Streaming, they need the content, especially if its unique and smartly written.

As I noted previously, it was refreshing to see witty dialogue in a comedy written, directed, produced and starring people of color.

Congratulations to Ben Cory Jones and the rest of the team.


From Deadline:

HBO has put in development Bros, a comedy from director Anthony Hemingway (Red Tails) and TV production executive-turned-producer Mark Taylor’s Hemingway | Taylor shingle and Dear White People producer Lena Waithe.

Written by Ben Cory Jones (Hand Of God) loosely based on his real life as a gay black man with his non-gay brothers, Bros centers on three African-American brothers — two straight and one gay — who are each dealing with love and dating. Hemingway and Taylor executive produce, Jones and Waithe co-executive produce.

Jones originally wrote the project on spec and gave the script to Hemingway. Then titled Bros Before Hos, the comedy shot a presentation this year that starred Dijon Talton (Glee), Kevin Phillips (Red Tails), Tuffy Questell (How To Make It In America), Dana Sorman (Harry’s Law), Nia Jervier (Dear White People) and Kristofer Gordon.