Black Gay Depression Documentary: You Are Not Alone

By Nick Delmacy | Posted May 1 2012 | 5 Comments  


 The organization, Depressed Black Gay Men (Project DBGM) is working to raise awareness, change and save lives.

The three separate, yet connected, parts of the project are: “Listen, I’m Speaking Out! Breaking the Silence of Depression in Black Gay Men”, is the working title for a book in progress, “You Are Not Alone” is the title of an upcoming documentary and along with community discussion forums, Project DBGM examines depression in Black gay men.

Still In production is the documentary, “You Are Not Alone” in which Black gay men break the silence of their race and culture, smashing a taboo and speaking out about what has been bothering them, what they have been struggling with but were unable to talk about.

The film features testimony from published writer/Gay activist, Taylor Siluwe, who tragically lost his battle with Lung Cancer last year at only 43-years-old. Also featured is DJ Baker, founder and host of the longtime radio program “Da Doo Dirty Show.”

The Project DBGM website enables those who are interested to learn about, share and express their thoughts on the issue of depression as a significant mental illness in Black Gay Men.

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  1. Tony | July 7th, 2013

    Depressed Black Gay Men is a subject I am all to familiar with. I am a 57 year old Black man, who has lived with depression most of my life. I can only remember very brief moments in my life when I didn’t feel depressed. There have been so many times when I asked myself, “why am I still here? ” I wanted to give up so many times I can’t even count. I am pretty much estranged from my family. I have one friend that has saved my life countless times. I reason why I haven’t cashed it all in is because of that one friend. I just didn’t want him to be stuck with having to clean up the mess. There is so much I want to say. Maybe I can answer my own question on why am I here by possibly sharing my story with other people. So that they know they are not alone.

    • Ocky | July 7th, 2013

      Why are you depressed? What responsibility are you taking to make yourself happy and not be a victim? Have you ever received any consoling at all?

      • Tony | July 7th, 2013

        There are many reasons for my depression. Far to many to go into at this time. I started back doing some of the things I use to enjoy doing. I try to get through one day at a time now. I never looked at myself as being a victim. Belief in a higher power is the greatest therapy of all. Yes I have professional help.

        • Ocky | July 7th, 2013

          Okay…as long as you are looking at solutions and getting help. I really wish you the best.

  2. Bama B. (Kevin T.) | October 26th, 2014

    No one chooses to be depressed. It is a serious mental issues that isn’t discussed as often as it should be. Often times, people don’t even know they are suffering from Clinical Depression, and when a Clinically Depressed person is surrounded by people who don’t suffer from it, it’s difficult to seek the support or help needed to treat it.

    For us POCs, we’re often told to just leave it to our Higher power to take care of the situation, but when you constantly feel like there’s a dark cloud following you around every day, and negative thoughts telling you how worthless you are, you tend to lose hope.

    Many things can trigger depression – traumatic events, anxiety or being overwhelmed, or just a chemical imbalance of the brain. It’s not easy, man, and sometimes it’s a slow crawl to get help – either because one doesn’t know where to go or how to talk about it.

    One recommendation is to seek therapy first. Once that’s established, you may want to inquire about taking antidepressants, which can help regulate your mood. It won’t alleviate your depression, but it will help smooth it out. Lastly, you have to train your brain to think positively. Adopting a healthy lifestyle also helps.

    If you want to know more or see the chronicles of a dude who deals with it every day, you can check out my blog at

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