The organization, Depressed Black Gay Men (Project DBGM) is working to raise awareness, change and save lives.

The three separate, yet connected, parts of the project are: “Listen, I’m Speaking Out! Breaking the Silence of Depression in Black Gay Men”, is the working title for a book in progress, “You Are Not Alone” is the title of an upcoming documentary and along with community discussion forums, Project DBGM examines depression in Black gay men.

Still In production is the documentary, “You Are Not Alone” in which Black gay men break the silence of their race and culture, smashing a taboo and speaking out about what has been bothering them, what they have been struggling with but were unable to talk about.

The film features testimony from published writer/Gay activist, Taylor Siluwe, who tragically lost his battle with Lung Cancer last year at only 43-years-old. Also featured is DJ Baker, founder and host of the longtime radio program “Da Doo Dirty Show.”

The Project DBGM website enables those who are interested to learn about, share and express their thoughts on the issue of depression as a significant mental illness in Black Gay Men.