Star Wars: Clone Wars – The Lost Missions

It’s finally here and now fans everywhere can rejoice! Netflix has released the final season of Star Wars: Clone Wars and it’s titled The Lost Missions. This was one of my favorite animated shows in the last couple of years that came on the Cartoon Network. Like many, I was completely pissed off when it was announced Disney was pulling the plug on the 3-D CGI series after it purchased Lucas Arts.

Those not familiar with the Clone Wars, it is a deep and rich story that follows Anakin Skywalker and the ongoing battle between the Republic and the Separatists. It takes place during the 22 years before the live action film Star Wars: A New Hope. In this final (Yoda heavy) season, the word is that the loose ends will not be tied up for Skywalker’s protégé “Ahsoka” but the final episodes likely will tie up plenty of other loose ends and play into the new story arc with Disney’s production of Star Wars: Rebels

If you have never seen the Clone Wars and want to get caught up on this great series, you can stream all 121 episodes on Netflix. I’m torn. Do I savor each episode of the final season, knowing it’s the last season ever or do I have a Clone Wars marathon? Decisions, decisions.

Check out the trailer for the final season below.