The word ‘coon’ is used fast and loose in social media spaces frequented by Black folk when describing other Black folk who they feel are “Shuckin’ and Jivin” for massah. I never use this term to describe Black people whom I disagree with on racial issues but many have aptly applied the term to Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports. Some also refer to him as the ‘Uncle Ruckus’ of sports broadcasting. Regardless, I found myself in complete agreement with Whitlock and his panel when it came to Toni Harris; who is the first female athlete to be awarded a college football scholarship.

I first became aware of Toni Harris when I saw her Toyota commercial. While I do feel happy for her, when I found out she received a full football scholarship from Central Methodist University in Missouri, I immediately felt the university was pandering for publicity and to help boost their schools admissions…but at what cost? Is Harris’s health and safety worth the publicity? Keep in mind she’s 5 foot 6 inches and weighs in at 160 pounds.

Whitlock and his panel broke down why this is a mistake (based on her lack of skills on the field) and also why she shouldn’t have received the football scholarship in the first place. Check it out clip below.