The Internet (Yes I’m speaking as if the internet is a person. If the Supreme Court has ruled corporations are people, then I’m saying the internet is a person) has been praising Terry Crews not only for being a sexual assault advocate but also speaking out against victim shaming; primarily in response to D.L. Hughley.  The Internet didn’t just side with Crews but also attacked Hughley as well on victim shaming and contributing to the toxicity of masculinity. Like Hughley, I wondered why all of a sudden Crews was responding to not just Hughley but also 50 Cent for comments that were made LAST SUMMER. Well, not only did Hughley wonder the same thing but he also responded to Crews as well in the video below.

Before you watch the video, I want to provide the back story to the beginning of Hughley’s thoughts on Crews’ sudden response. There is a strong possibility it could be because the Internet that’s now attacking DL, was attacking Crews days prior for his defense of actress Gina Rodriguez.

Back in September 2018, Rodriguez cut off actress Yara Shahidi after Shahidi was asked “what it’s like to be a role model for Black women?” Rodriquez was like “for so many women” correcting the interviewer. She basically “all lives matter-ed” the interviewer’s question. Black Twitter (Black women) was not happy. Then during a November 2018 discussion Rodriguez falsely claimed Black female actors make more than Latina actors. Again, Black Twitter (Black women) was not happy. Recently in a January 2019 interview on “Sway in the Morning” Rodriguez broke down in tears while defending herself against the Internet’s backlash.

Crews defended Rodriguez to the Internet and Black Twitter was not having it. Black women attacked Mr. Muscles and then Crews apologized for defending Rodriguez.

I do believe as a way to get back in the good graces of the Internet (Black Twitter, Black women) and woke feminists,  Crews pulled the “I support #MeToo #NoVictimShaming , look at me I’m an ally” card by responding to Hughley’s comment from LAST SUMMER. This is what Hughley is referencing at the beginning of his commentary.


You call it ‘toxic masculinity,’ I call it survival.” DL Hughley