Jussie Smollett has finally spoken out since his much publicized racial-anti-gay physical attack. During his weekend performance at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, Smollet spoke to a packed house between sets – his first performance since the incident. 

According to police, Smollett was assaulted last Tuesday in Chicago by two masked men shouting anti-homosexual and racial slurs. He was beaten and doused in what was likely bleach. The alleged assailants reportedly also wrapped a rope around his neck and yelled “this is MAGA country” as they ran away.

Since reports of the incident became public many skeptics believe Smollett made up the attack and or is omitting specific details. What many forget is that he received a letter threatening him at the Chicago studio days prior. The letter contained white powder which prompted a response from the HAZMAT unit. It was later determined to be crushed aspirin in the letter and the FBI is handling that investigation. Also the police are in possession of the rope and the sweater Smollett was wearing on the night of the attack and are testing both. Keep in mind what’s not being heavily discussed (for some reason) is that there was a witness who saw two men before the incident in addition to video of Smollett going back into his building with the noose still around his neck. 

Toward the end of his show from this weekend, Smollett took a moment to clarify and provide additional details on the attack. He stated he had suffered bruises but no broken ribs and had gone to a doctor promptly. He also said he was not hospitalized and that his physicians in Los Angeles and Chicago had given him the green light to perform. He then concluded;

“…and above all, I fought the fuck back. I’m the gay Tupac” and the crowd cheers.