When Disney first dropped their live action adaptation of Aladdin featuring Will Smith as ‘Genie’, folk were upset because he was not blue. Being that the animated version included a blue genie voiced by Robin Williams…folk don’t like change or studios fucking up their nostalgia. When Smith told fans to calm down and revealed that he would in fact be blue during the final release, some breathe a sigh of relief.

Disney has now released a preview of what the ‘blue’ live action genie will look like and folk are once again in their feelings. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m like “He’s CGI blue genie; what the fuk do you want?” What people want is a live action CGI Robin Williams genie….it aint gonna happen so get over it. Others are saying, “its shitty CGI”… compared to what exactly…Transformers, Black Panther? Plus the first genie didn’t have back muscles or elbow / bicep tattoos etched in gold. I’m actually feeling his muscular thickness. By today’s genie standards this makes this genie smashable. I mean the genie (Jinn) in American Gods was straight laying pipe

I do feel Williams’ comedic improve chops can’t be surpassed by Will Smith. If that’s what you want, skip the live action and just re-watch the old animated film. At the end of the day, positive or negative reactions aside, the publicity and star power of Smith will make this film a hit and generate profits for Disney.