I promise you that not an hour after I made a post about DJ Vlad and his obsession with homosexuality by asking Maino, The Game and Fat Joe about Gay Rappers, I found yet ANOTHER video that he uploaded yesterday. This time he brings the issue up in an interview with outspoken radio personality Charlamagne Tha God.I’m gonna go on record and say it: I think that DJ Vlad is Gay…or at least a little Bisexual. This is ridiculous. Both myself and Octavious are proven homosexuals and even over the many years we’ve being friends we haven’t discussed gay shit as much as DJ Vlad has…

Anyway, he may not be Gay but he sure does dwell on the issue a lot. However, I have to admit, this was his best interview on the subject yet. Charlamagne Tha God gives a great, educated and articulate answer. He even goes as far as to accurately explain the different forms of the Down Low and say that he would even sign a Gay rapper. I personally know a couple masculine openly Gay rappers so I’m sure they will be reaching out to him soon!

After seeing this interview (and watching the rest of it), I gotta admit that I really fux with Charlamagne. Not only is he outspoken (like myself) but he backs up his opinion with an explanation for his views (also like myself), which I think makes him not merely a “hater”.

Check the interview here:

Nick D