Happy Friday The 13th

By OckyDub | Posted May 13 2016 | 3 Comments  


I don’t know what scared the fuck outta me more as a kid; Jason VoorHees or the creepy ass back ground noises. Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah.

Anywho…check out these Jason VoorHees gifs.

Jason Axe

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Michael Myers, Jason VoorHees , Freddy Krueger and Candy Man



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  1. alton
    alton | May 13th, 2016

    THIS scene right here had me SHOOK as a kid…

  2. takeyourmeds91
    takeyourmeds91 | May 14th, 2016

    To this day, I can't even say candy man three times out loud.

  3. Rico
    Rico | May 14th, 2016

    Loved that last photo. Looks like a weekend BBQ I wish I was invited to. Haven't seen Candyman since it came out (remembered when they filmed it here). I was more scared by situations than film monsters as a kid. The movie scene that *did* scare me the most was in a cheesy, 70s horror movie called "Homebodies." In the film,senior citizens are about to be evicted out of their dilapidated building due to eminent domain, so they start killing the developers. At one point, they kidnap a real estate guy, gag and bind him, throw him in a foundation block for a new build, throw stuff (including their canes and wheelchairs) on top of him so he can't get out, and then slowly pour concrete on him until his whole body is covered (the scene is drawn out). This movie came out months BEFORE the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance! lol I learned early don't f— with old folks, they can KILL!

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