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300: Rise of an Empire

I usually hate prequels.  However; neither a sequel nor a prequel, 300: Rise of an Empire is set at the same time as the original movie 300but this time, the action takes place on the sea.  Rise of an Empire comes off to me as a lazy, cheap gimmick attempting to milk a movie franchise dry. We have all seen 300 and marveled at the special effects and cinematic feats it accomplished, so it makes Rise of an Empire look old and dated.  Instead of this film why not give us a Sin City 2 which would seem far more interesting than the same ole same ole. Meh

How to Train Your Dragon 2

As a follow up to the very successful How to Train Your Dragon comes part 2.  This sequel takes place 5 years after the first film and Hiccup and his friends are now in their late teens.  As the world opens up around him, he discovers there is a larger conflict brewing between humans and dragons and finds himself at the center of it.  I’m sure DreamWorks Animation will have another hit on their hands.  

Man of Tai Chi

As a fan of Keanu Reeves’ I’m happy to see him expanding the Marital Arts genre of films.  Man of Tai Chi marks his directorial debut.  Set in modern Beijing, the film follows the spiritual journey of a young martial artist (Tiger Chen) whose awesome Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club.  From the trailer, the plot and outcome appears to be very straight forward; nonetheless I would expect the fight scenes to be delivered from choreographed kung-fu heaven.  If you are into martial arts movies this may be a “must see”.

Seventh Son

For some reason this comes off as Wrath of the Titans in a Medieval / Middle Earth setting.  A long time ago, a young knight (Jeff Bridges) imprisons a lady witch dragon (Julianne Moore).  Years later she escapes and attempts to unleash all that is unholy upon the earth.  Now an old and raggedy Jeff Bridges has to train his new apprentice (Ben Barnes) to defeat the evil witch.  Special effects for the sake of it don’t make a plot interesting or a movie enjoyable, but that’s Hollywood for you.  I suspect we will hear terms in this fictional period piece from the young apprentice like “awesome”, “rad” or “as if”.  Um…I’ll pass.

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  1. hannibal
    Hannibal | October 18th, 2013

    Sin City 2 is coming. Although it’s going to be weird since half the cast is dead or retired from film.

  2. Rick
    Richard Chatters | October 19th, 2013

    I not really feeling or excited about any of these movies to see in the theater, but Seventh Son and Man of Tai Chi might make good Netflix night movies.

  3. Ace of hearts | October 20th, 2013

    I’m going to have to disagree with you @ocky about Rise of an Empire. I think the movie is going to be great. I love greek mythology and history so I could be bias. I think its good that they are showing the other side to the battles that were going on(I won’t discuss them to not ruin the movie). I don’t know how I feel about Kristin Stewart being the witch. We’ve seen how she can ruin a potentially good move(i.e Snow White and the Huntsman). I also think they should keep the same cinematography. I think it is special to that brand so it works. I’m also going to agree that both Man of Tai Chi and Seven Sons should just go straight to DVD. I’m not really moved to see them in the movies. Movies rely to heavily on their graphics that the plots just fall short.

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