K&PGAY wedding

As always, props to Key & Peele (one of the best sketch comedy shows ever) for their work and efforts but maybe I was in an overly sensitive tipsy place when viewing this particular clip. Let me be clear, in my opinion Blacks in America are no more anti-gay or homophobic than Whites in America, or any other ethnicity for that matter. I do feel there is underlying truth that’s exposed within this clip by the dynamic duo.

Much of the dialogue that is presented in this piece is based in reality but is also based off of ignorance and fear; however some is also based off of stereotypes that are perpetuated by members of the gay community. This causes those outside of the LGBT or SGL community and culture to view homosexuality through a very narrow lens; as is displayed.

I’m not one to hide the fact that I’m sensitive to the imagery of black men in addition to portrayals of homosexuality in the media. Maybe that’s why I found this clip a little cringe worthy; not because it’s a bad sketch but because of the truth woven within the comedy. Check out the clip below and share your thoughts. Also be sure to watch Key & Peele on Comedy Central.