Picture Movie Review: Young Soul Rebels

To sum up this movie in one word…”HORRIBLE“.

Look I know we have a limited selection in the Black Gay Cinema department but it seems like I always have the same feelings, thoughts and questions after seeing a black gay movie like Young Soul Rebels…and some of those feelings, thoughts and questions are…

-How in the hell did they get funding for this wack shit?
-What was the director thinking?
-Did they read the script before they started filming?
-Wait, who wrote the script?
-Let me fast forward to the end?
-Wait, this is how the movie ended?
-I cant believe I wasted my time with this crap!

Okay so let me try to make this brief.  The movie takes place in the late 70’s.  A young black gay dude is cruising in the park and gets murdered.  Two home made radio DJ’s who went to school with the victim feel bad about his death. One of the DJ’s takes up the cause of finding who the killer is after finding an audio recording of the killing.

The focus is on the struggles of the two radio DJ’s as they deal with racism, homophobia, sexuality, their careers as DJ’s and their friendship.  The movie felt like someone wrote a novel, attempting to tell a story but the sentences in the paragraphs are incomplete on every page.

It attempts to tackle to many issues and topics and ends up being all over the place, rushing to an ending because all the actors seemed tired and wanted to start working on other projects.  After about an hour it becomes a cluster fuck of bad story telling.  I mean the last 15-20 minutes is beyond stupid.

The best thing this movie has going for it is the 70’s soundtrack.  The track listing is below…

1. Young Soul Rebels – Mica Paris
2. Message In Our Music – The O’Jays
3. Running Away – Roy Ayers
4. Time Is Moving On – Blackbyrds
5. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head – Jean Carne
6. Let’s Get It Together – El Coco
7. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) – Sylvester
8. P. Funk Wants To Get Funked Up – Parliament
9. I’ll Play The Fool – Dr. Buzzard’s Savannah Club Band
10. Rock Creek Park – The Blackbyrds
11. Me And Baby Brother – War
12. One Nation Under A Groove – Funkadelic
13. Let The Music Play – Charles Earland
14. Young Soul Rebels

Even the trailer for the movie is horrible.  View it below…


See, told you.  Now imagine looking at an hour and 45 minutes of this crap.Listen, only look at this movie if you want something playing in the background as you perform house hold tasks… Or if you have friends over and while you talk about more important things, you occasionally look at the TV screen and need something to laugh at that is not supposed to be a comedy.

Other than that, do yourself a favor and avoid this movie.