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Picture Occasionally we find music videos that we feel the urge to share with fellow weirdos like ourselves. So now that we a platform to do just that, expect to see a (semi) daily dose of under-the-radar music to add to your iTunes library.

First of all, openly gay rap artist Siya goes harder than just about every openly gay male rap artist out there. I’ve wanted to highlight her on Cypher Avenue over the last year and a half on multiple occasions. On one hand, I just kept forgetting to do it…on the other hand, she HATES being labeled a “lesbian rapper” as LGBT Underground found out when they got into a heated Twitter conversation with the artist (you gotta love the Internet).

Second of all, she’s a “real artist.” The total package. She not only has a marketable image (with photos, artwork and music videos), she actually makes music that I can imagine hearing on the radio or in a club. In defense of the gay male artists, its VERY different for lesbians than it is for gay men in Hip Hop. Lesbians are more rapidly accepted than men when it comes to resources and being accepted.

Anyway, to see why I think she’s so dope, check out one of the latest videos from Siya called, D.Y.K.E. where she spits about “coming Out” and being Gay in hip hop. I could literally have chosen any of her songs to highlight on the site, but in light of the recent announcement by Jason Collins, I felt that this one was most appropriate.