The eighth installment of the torture porn horror franchise, “Jigsaw” debuted to lukewarm box office receipts last week. However, the “Saw” films typically have limited locations, unknown actors and lower budgets which make them a lot easier to allow Lionsgate Studios to earn a profit on their investment. “Jigsaw” is no exception, budgeted at $10 million, the film has already made over $27 million worldwide in less than a week of release.

I’m not only a huge horror movie fan, I also have an odd appeal for this franchise. I normally don’t like films that just feature people screaming while being tortured for 2 hours, but this franchise is slightly more than that.

Each film usually features some kind of detective work to find the killer (I love a good mystery) and they typically have some kind of twist ending. Not all of the endings land well, but I get a kick out of them nonetheless. Admittedly, the first two films are the best in the series so if you’re looking to watch the entire series before catching “Jigsaw” in the theaters, don’t expect this to be time progressively well spent.

One bright spot about films is that they usually feature a little eye candy if you’re into Men of Color:

Franky G

Darius McCrary

Lyric Bent


The latest film, “Jigsaw” stars the son of Mario Van Peeples:

Mandela Van Peeples

Regardless of whether you drop the money to see the new film, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this workplace comedy spoof the the series called, “Working with Jigsaw.” The short features the iconic Jigsaw puppet “torturing” his co-workers with his annoying games around the office.

And true to form to the series that inspired it, the comedy short features a little MOC eye candy as well: