Searching for an interesting GIF to post in response to a comment left on Cypher Avenue’s Activity Stream; I came across a movie still that I thought was an interesting shot from a pivotal part in that film.

I thought to myself “even though this movie is popular, I wonder would anyone remember this specific part in the movie?” One drink lead-to-another and I came up with the idea for Cypher Ave Movie Trivia.

In the spirit of Billy (the puppet from Saw), “Let’s Play A Game.


Below are 10 movie stills; some may be easy, others not so easy. See if you can guess all 10 without resorting to using Google. Good Luck!

silenceLstBysninjascroll2BillySBMDCrystlCooley-High-1975.0-53-31.016Tmple of DmBannergate