Here are the hottest, most interesting trailers (for movies, television shows or anything else) that we saw this week.

1. The Trouble With Going Somewhere (Web Series)

Freefall writer, director and creator Lamont Pierre gets another crack at impressing the masses with The Trouble With Going Somewhere. Based on the synopsis it looks to be about a group of three recent college grads who (for some reason) can’t get work (not even part-time night cashier at Quik Trip?!) so they logically jump into a life of armed robbery, Dead Presidents style. Sure, that’s what all college educated black men do. We also see them maneuvering through their drama filled relationships with three women who have issues of their own.

Is this Breaking Bad for black millennials?

Here’s my theory. With Freefall, Lamont Pierre backed himself into a corner. In our interview with him he admitted to us that he didn’t want or expect the initial success of Freefall. Once it happened, he had to keep the train moving to help promote his genuine creative interests and his fledgling production company. The problem was the foundation of Freefall was a mess, so everything that followed was going to be just as problematic.

With this new web series, Pierre and his partner Geno Brooks have a chance for a reboot. Ditching the poorly written gay characters and poorly conceived gay thug situations may be just the thing they need to finally prove that they can tell a single coherent story in web series format. At least the visuals in this trailer look clean so I’ll give them that. And focusing on only 6 actors may mean the story won’t be all over the map and convoluted like Freefall, The Therapist and My Brother’s Keeper.

Unfortunately, Pierre’s trademark melodramatic depression and snail’s pace story development looks to be carried over from Freefall. Also, why does he keep casting slim, attractive male models like he’s Tyler Perry? SERIOUSLY: Are there no heavy-set black actors in Atlanta? Not even for the obligatory comedy relief moments? I’m a thin guy myself so I can relate, but there are many other body types in “real life” (something that Pierre seems to desperately want to re-create in his work). Anyway, we’ll wait until the series is finally released to make any concrete judgments.

2. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Film)

THE AVENGERS!!! Yeah I’m a fan-boy. Oddly enough, I was more of a DC fan when I was growing up. Mainly because of Batman. But eventually the X-Men and The Avengers warmed over to me as I began to appreciate the whole “group of superheroes” idea more. Suffice it to say, Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark is the main reason Marvel works right now. Without him, I’m not sure this whole machine is as profitable and exciting as it has been.

Having said that, I hate teasers like this that don’t actually have any footage for the movie. They haven’t even started filming  this thing yet. This was a tease that was shown to audiences at Comic Con and was only just released for fans on the Internet.

Still, it does get me pretty stoked for 2015.

3. The Last Days On Mars (Film)

I’m a sucker for Scifi Horror movies…especially the ones set in space. It all started when I first saw Alien & Aliens. The problem is most of them are horrible. I mean really bad. Awful. Almost painful to watch.

From Ghosts of Mars, Event Horizon, Red Mars, Pandorum and Predators, the list of atrocious space horror movies is almost as vast as the expanse of space itself.

This film, The Last Days on Mars, could be added to that list but it still looks promising for now.

4. The Need For Speed (Film)

With the awesome television series Breaking Bad ending this Sunday, actor Aaron Paul looks to be launching a career in film to take advantage of that success. I’m always wary of movies based on video games. Especially games that had very thin story lines to begin with.

So with The Need For Speed it will be interesting to see how they build a plot around a video game about street racing. Then again, The Fast & Furious franchise is now on its’ 7th film, so maybe the task isn’t that difficult at all. Regardless, this trailer turned out to be better than i thought it would be: Plenty of action and muscle cars flipping and flying past the camera. I’m sold.

5. American Horror Story: Coven (Television)

What a sleeper show American Horror Story turned out to be. The first season was “meh” but featured my fave older-man crush Morris Chestnut so I gave it a pass. The second season, however, was brilliant as it managed to throw in so many genre devices into a pot to make a great gumbo of horror, suspense and thrills. Some complained that the second season was to convoluted and dense. I can’t argue with this but I still loved it anyway. Great performances, directing and storytelling reigned supreme.

For those not in the know, AHS tells a completely new “horror story” each season but uses many of the same actors in different roles. this season is about a coven of witches…it sounded great on paper but the trailer looks, well, kinda….Gay.

This is giving me True Blood.

This show has become something only for women and the gay men they go shopping with.

I’ll likely still watch the first episode but I’m much less excited about it now.