Today, 2011 Cypher Avenue Award Winner Kaoz sent us this new collaboration track with producer/songwriter JFuzion entitled, “Standing.” This groovy hip hop song about overcoming adversities features an unexpected yet well-used sample of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing.” [Sidenote: Do Not look up the Elton John music video for “I’m Still Standing” on YouTube. It’s like having a Gay Glitter-Bomb explode right into your eyes.]
Kaoz himself holds the vocals down as usual and lyrically demonstrates in the very first verse why he’s one of the few up and coming artists to keep on your radar.

A brother rose from the bottom
Clawed through the Earth since birth, got ’em.
Asking how a college dropout makes a difference
How a man with no degree is smart enough to assist this?I been dissed, overweight child getting pissed
Should I hit ’em with the lyrics?
Should I pop ’em in the lips?
Should the words “love and hate” be the cover of my fists?
Should I just disturb the peace whenever life gets ludicrous?

– Nick D