lamarAs a Nas pseudo stan, I hate the fact that some other rapper is competing for the rap throne that’s in my mind. Though I will remain steadfast in my loyalties to the Queens Bridge King, Lamar will have to be the undisputed Crown Prince. Lamar’s recent performance on the departing Colbert Report HAS sealed the deal for me in that it is the top performance from any rapper on television this year. Dare I say…EPIC!

Lamar’s is accompanied by a few stellar names that make up the band in this performance. French producer Astronote, backup vocals by R&B artists Bilal and Anna Wise. Thundercat playing bass guitar and Terrace Martin on saxophone. The jazzy progressive feel of the track furthers the message which includes race, classism and power. You can watch the full interview below or jump to the 4:10 mark to see Kendrick spit hot fire in the performance.

Fire Right??!!

If you’re like me, due to the rapidness in delivery and the spiritedness of the band, I couldn’t make out all of his lyrics. Thankfully someone has taking the liberty and diligence to document them for us. You can read along to the performance below.