Music Videos That Sum Up 2017

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Dec 29 2017 | 3 Comments  

2017 was a weird year, in both good and bad ways. Even though I had to suffer through a horrible President (well, more horrible than usual) and an awful Star Wars movie (well, more awful than usual), I still managed to come out of 2017 thinking this was one of the best years of my life.

I was blessed to reach 40 years old, had a great year with my day job, Cypher Avenue is still going strong, spent quality time with close family & friends, I traveled the country & across oceans, I met a bunch of celebs, lost a lil excess weight, got another clean bill of health from my doctor, I have nearly every tech toy I could want (except a new vehicle, still looking for one) and a guy I’ve been low-key crushing on for 10 years repeatedly confessed to me that he wants to be my dude (may not happen but at least someone wants my ugly ass).

This is def not to brag, we all have peaks and valleys in our lives…and 2018 might prove to be devastating for me (2009 & 2014 damn sure were).

But for now I can say the pros def outweighed the cons.

What was your year like? Post a music video (or two) that sum up your 2017, good or bad.

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  1. OckyDub
    OckyDub | December 30th, 2017
  2. Nick Delmacy
    Nick Delmacy | December 30th, 2017
  3. African King
    African King | December 30th, 2017

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